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Top 10 Trending Flutter UI Libraries in 2023


As technology continues to evolve, so too do the tools we use to build our apps. Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK developed by Google and used to create native applications for Android and iOS. And because of its flexibility and scalability, it’s become one of the most popular platforms for rapid development of both web and mobile applications. One of the key aspects of working with Flutter is UI libraries. These libraries are used to create stunning visuals that can take your user experience to the next level. But with so many options available, which ones should you choose? In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 10 trending Flutter UI libraries in 2023. We’ll go over why they are trending, as well as their features and capabilities, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you choose them for your app development project.

What are Flutter libraries?
The software development kit is comprehensive (SDK). A library is essentially a group of programmed used in the creation of software. Data and supporting codes that provide stand-alone programmer services are found in libraries. They enable data and code interchange and modification in modules.

Benefits of the Flutter UI Library 

A widget-based technology is called Flutter. This implies that every element can benefit from object-oriented programming. Using Flutter has many advantages, including the simplicity with which widgets may be changed or customized. Additionally, it offers UI widgets that adhere to important web application design standards.

The top 10 Flutter UI libraries that every developer should be familiar with are listed below. Your projects’ development will be easier thanks to these libraries.

1. material.dart

One of the most popular Flutter UI libraries is Material Design. Material Design is a design language created by Google that helps you create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. Material Design is used by many popular applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps.

The material dart library contains a number of utility classes and functions for working with material design in Flutter. This includes classes for managing common UI elements such as buttons, text fields, and sliders, as well as a wide variety of other useful tools.

2.Cupertino widgets:

One of the most popular libraries on Cupertino is the Cupertino Button widget. This widget gives you the ability to create beautiful iOS-style buttons with just a few lines of code. The Cupertino Button widget is highly customizable, so you can easily change the color, shape, and size of your button to match your app’s design.

Another popular library is the Cupertino Slider widget. This slider allows users to select a value between two given values using an iOS-style slider control. The slider can be customized to allow for horizontal or vertical orientation, as well as different styles of handles.

Finally, the Cupertino Picker widget provides an iOS-style picker control that can be used to select from a list of items. The picker can be customized to allow for different sizes and styles of items.


There are many different types of gestures that can be used in Flutter, ranging from simple taps and swipes to more complex gestures like long press and drag. Here are some of the most popular and trending Flutter UI libraries that offer gestural controls:

  1. rFlutter_Alert: This library offers a variety of pre-built alerts that can be displayed with gesture controls. Gestures such as swipe, tap, and long press are all supported.
  2. Flushbar: This library allows you to create custom alerts and notifications that can be displayed with various gesture controls. Swipe, tap, double tap, and long press gestures are all supported.
  3. Dialog: This library provides a customizable dialog widget that can be used to display information or prompt the user for input. Gestures such as tap and drag are supported.
  4. Cupertino Action Sheet: This library offers a variety of pre-built action sheets for use in iOS apps. Gestures such as swipe and tap are supported.
  5. Reorderable List View: This library allows you to create lists that can be reordered by dragging items around. This is great for creating to-do lists or organizing information in any way you see fit .     

4. Shimmer:

Shimmer is a library for creating beautiful loading animations in Flutter. It was created by Rody Davis and was first released in 2018.

5. material components

There are many Material Components that are used in Flutter UI Libraries. Some of the most popular ones include:

– Material Appear: The appears is a toolbar that typically shows the title of the current page and has actions that can be performed on the current page.

– Material drawer: A material drawer is a very common sight in many Android and iOS apps. It is basically a panel that slides out from the side of the screen and can be used to display navigation items or other content.

– Material bottom sheet: A material bottom sheet is a sheet of material that slides up from the bottom of the screen. This can be used to display additional content or options for the current page.

6. Get It

Get It package is a type of straightforward service locator that allows you to register a class and then obtain an instance of that class, which you can then use in place of an inherited widget or provider to access the object Is from your user interface.

7. Cube

The most recent state management library is Flutter’s Cube library, which employs dependency injection without requiring code creation. Since the project is still in its early stages, not all Flutter users are familiar with it. This method is not too difficult to understand, even if you are new to flutter app development. In addition, by recreating widget trees as necessary, it reduces code complexity and objectively simplifies state management.

Cube is incredibly user-friendly for new users and is growing in popularity. The application’s main focus is object-oriented state management. As a result, the widget tree is only rebuilt when required, which lessens coding complexity.

8. Provider

Inherited Widgets are wrapped in provider packages to make them more reusable and user-friendly. This package can help anyone who needs a simpler way to use Inherited Widget. The Provider class in the Bloc package is responsible for providing and providing access to widget tree objects internally.

9. BLoC

The Bloc Pattern (Business Logic Component), one of the most widely used strategies, is one of Flutter’s state management alternatives. The Bloc pattern, as its name suggests, enables the separation of all Flutter application functionality into a single component known as the Business Logic Component.

10. Inherited Widget

Inherited widgets are offered by Flutter app to make state management simpler. Other classes can access data in a tree thanks to inheritance. The widgets are developed on top of the tree, enhancing app interoperability. Instead of writing the code in each child class, users can pass the state down using Inherited Widget’s convenience class. Since Inherited Widget is the lowest-level widget in a tree, using it for state transitions has no impact on any of the widgets above it.


It is really beneficial to choose the right UI library for your project. The development process’ turnaround time will be reduced and the workflow will be simplified.

But have the following in mind before making a decision:

  1. Do not sacrifice usability in favour of looks.
  2. Choose components that can be edited and reused.
  3. Make sure your libraries can be integrated into your workflow.

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