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Ecommerce PIM: How Product Information Management Works

Product data is the brand representative that determines whether or not customers will buy products from your online store. Since it creates the plot and narrates your brand story, you need to manage and present it in a way that gets customers’ attention and helps them make an informed and confident buying decision. While product information management might seem an uphill task for some, it is no rocket science for others. The difference is the technologies (PIM software) they adopt and how well they execute their eCommerce strategies.

In omnichannel digital commerce, businesses do not just need to leverage the latest technologies but realign existing systems and technologies to make the most of their product data. It is the thumb rule to survive and scale up in eCommerce markets.

Product data is one of the most critical organizational assets, which, if leveraged well, can solidify your digital presence and multiply your revenue. It is the foundation of digital commerce. The technology that makes this data work for you is Product Information Management (PIM) software.

PIM is a business application that provides manufacturers, retailers and distributors with a single, dependable source to curate, create, manage, edit, and enrich product information. It acts as a function-rich repository that centralizes all product information in one place and takes things forward from there.

Apart from streamlining product information management, PIM software speeds up and accelerates time to market by leveraging automated onboarding and distribution.  With the add-on function of data syndication, the software ensures seamless transfer of complete, accurate, and most up-to-date information between internal teams, business partners, and sales and distribution channels.

A PIM system makes it possible to deliver a compelling product experience, which is the key to success in today’s highly-competitive eCommerce market. It is a holistic solution to bringing speed, consistency, and scalability to digital commerce.

PIM systems have evolved a lot over the years and become an integral part of today’s eCommerce strategies. It is a centralized platform that provides a holistic approach to source, create, organize, optimize, and syndicate product data more efficiently and quickly than traditional PIM tools. And such is the story of Amaze Product Information Management (PIM) Software.

About Amaze Product information management (PIM)

Amaze PIM is a SaaS solution built to perfection to enable eCommerce companies to deliver excellent product experiences. It is one of many modules of Amaze PXM, which combines powerful technologies, such as product content creation, merchandising design, product attribution design, digital asset management, syndication, and advanced intelligence on one product experience platform.

How PIM works

The PIM platform enables end-to-end product data lifecycle. It creates better processes by centralizing, organizing, and managing product data and improves product experiences. In addition to sourcing data from multiple sources and systems and hosting it in a central repository, it enables you to author and create product content that describes your products correctly and extensively. A sophisticated Product Information Management platform like Amaze PXM’s PIM enables content creation on more than one level. At the catalog level, it allows the building and designing of catalog structure and facilitates the creation of taxonomy hierarchy, attribution, and schema.

Amaze PIM software gives users complete and absolute control over data integrity. The software does so by allowing users to set rules for validation of attributes, data formatting, value normalization, and much more. It results in better data governance and quality.

At the product level, it allows users to classify products under relevant categories, populate attributes, digital assets, and other elements that describe products, and normalize content to ensure compliance with data uniformity and standards.Amaze PXM’sPIM gives users total flexibility by leveraging automation or manual control. It results in an excellent product experience that helps online customers with contextually relevant information to drive buying decisions.

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