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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Learn  about the “Super Thanks” Button on YouTube

YouTube has launched a new method for its fans to express their appreciation for their most beloved YouTube creators. The content creators of YouTube have always brought worth to their users, and often, viewers want to show their support and appreciation for the content they see. The Super Thanks button launched by YouTube lets them show their gratitude to viewers.

There have been plenty of talks about the Super Thanks feature lately. But what exactly is this Super Thanks YouTube feature? What is the way Super Thanks work on YouTube? Do Super Thanks assist creators in making money on YouTube? A lot of YouTubers aren’t sure about the whole thing. We will attempt to find the answers quickly here.

What exactly is the purpose of the Super Thanks function on YouTube?

Super Thank You is the brand-new feature that YouTube added to help creators make money. YouTube monetization using Super Thanks works a little differently from any other source of income.

Its Super Thanks YouTube feature allows viewers to buy Super Thanks to show gratitude to their favorite channels. The Super Thanks button is animated and colorful. It’s an app that will enable users to email directly to YouTube creators at any time. In addition, YouTube also adds a user’s comment to the video, thanking them and highlighting the purchase. Creators can respond to these comments too.

There are four price options for the Super Thank You, and each one is marked with an icon of a different color that includes green, blue, yellow, red, and blue. Prices start at $2, and their maximum is $50. However, YouTube is considering adding the option to manually enter any amount in dollars of the user’s preference.

The feature initially went out to 68 countries across mobile and desktop apps. However, YouTube hopes to introduce Super Thanks to more users across the globe soon.

The feature was initially tested under a different title called Viewer Applause. It then changed its name to Super Thanks.

How can Super Thanks assist creators with YouTube with the ability to monetize their content?

The money that the user pays for the one-time purchase of the Super Thanks feature is given to the YouTube creator for revenue. However, the platform does take a 30percent portion of any donations that the creator receives. This is the same for all YouTube tools to monetize, such as Super Chat and Super Stickers.

YouTube creators can access their income reports, including their total and per-video Super Thank You earnings, within YouTube Analytics. Revenue is earned similarly to how creators get their ad revenues from AdSense. YouTube via AdSense.

Are there any criteria for eligibility to be able to access Super Thanks? YouTube creators to be granted the right to access Super Thanks

There are specific eligibility requirements that creators must meet to gain access to the entire range of Super YouTube content. YouTube.

To qualify for Super Thanks, the primary requirement must be that YouTube monetization is active for your channel. Only channels that have been monetized can earn revenue from their content. When your YouTube channel has been monetized and is currently in a suitable area, Supers will appear in the Monetization menu of YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio.

If you aren’t able to view the Supers tab, that would indicate that you don’t already have any access rights to Super products. If you have access to Supers but don’t find Super Thanks under it, you’re probably not eligible.

At the end of 2021 2021, many YouTube creators will have access to Super Thanks.

Super Thanks won’t be available for some types of videos; however, this includes –

  • Videos that are not listed
  • Private videos
  • Content with age restrictions content
  • Created for children’s content
  • Videos that have content ID claims
  • Live streams and Premieres are available while the stream is live. They may be known as archives of videos On Demand later.
  • YouTube Videos that include YouTube Fundraiser videos

YouTube will also inform creators to be aware that Super Thanks is not a donation or crowdfunding tool. Any money you earn through Super Thanks on your videos will be considered income. This means that you will be taxed on this revenue according to the laws applicable to your country. For donations and fundraising, YouTube has other features.

How do you activate the Super Thank You button for your YouTube Channel?

You will only be able to receive Super Thank you for your videos if they can access this feature initially. So, if you satisfy the criteria for eligibility and live located in one of the 68 nations for which the brand-new YouTube feature is available, you must enable it so that your viewers can show them some appreciation.

To enable Super Thanks on your YouTube channel, you must first log in to YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio. To the left, you will see the Monetization tab on the menu. Select the tab Monetization, and you will find the Supers section beneath it.

Select Supers. If you’re having your first experience with Supers, it is necessary to follow the screen instructions to get started using Supers. Once you’ve followed these instructions and have completed the setup process, you’ll be able to view Super Thanks along with Super Thanks and the rest of the Super products.

The button for Super Thanks You functions as a toggle button. If you turn it ON, The Thanks button will show up on all your older and new videos. Also, the Thanks button will appear on any videos you’ve posted previously. Except for streaming live and your Premiere videos, viewers will also be able to see the Thanks icon on the other videos you can use.

If you decide to turn Super Thanks off at some time, you toggle the switch to off. A pop-up window will display “I understand the implications of this action” and a checkbox beside it. Please select the checkbox and click to turn it off.

If you are a part of a network that includes channels from YouTube and would like to enable YouTube, Thanks for all your channels; you’ll need to apply a different approach. In this scenario, you must log in to YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio using your personal computer. After that, you will need to go to Settings and click on Agreements.

Under the terms of the agreements, you must agree to that “Commerce Product Addendum. “It’s good to study these terms and conditions before accepting the understanding to understand it more clearly.

If you accept this, all suitable channels on your network will have access to Super Thanks.

What do YouTube Super Thank You comments be controlled?

When a viewer buys Super Thanks on YouTube for your video, a vivid message highlighting their purchase and informing them to say “thanks” to you will be added to the comments section. As with all comments that you can moderate, you’re free to moderate Super Thanks comments. You can review, respond to, add hearts, and even take away comments from your videos.

You can find out who bought Super Thanks for you by filtering the comments in the comments section of YouTube Studio. If a user removes their Super Thank You comment, it won’t appear in the video’s comments.

How can Super Thanks assist YouTube creators?

YouTube creators have earned YouTube money through ad revenues, paid promotions, official products, and paid subscriptions on their YouTube channels. The Super Thank You feature provides another source of income, allowing YouTube creators to earn more money from YouTube by producing quality content.

Beyond the financial benefits, YouTube Thank You is also a rewarding way to boost creators’ spirits. Because The Super Thanks on YouTube is a sign of appreciation and gratitude from viewers and followers, this is certainly inspiring the YouTube creators to create higher-quality and valuable content. If your fans are willing to help your channel and help support your efforts, it is something you’re doing well.

The Super Thanks feature also drives engagement for creators. Super Thanks feature can also increase YouTube engagement with creators. They can see their Super Thanks comments are highlighted, and creators can respond to these comments by thanking them for their contributions. Creators can engage with viewers through Super Chat and Super Sticker on live streams.

Super Thanks provides a different way to interact with viewers. Super Thanks enables YouTube creators to make deeper connections with their followers. You’ll know the top users of your channel and what type of content they like the most. Since it is a contribution made by the people who use the platform, it’s likely to provide a transparent indicator of what’s and isn’t working for you. This knowledge will help you develop better content that your users enjoy increasing YouTube’s YouTube engagement even more.


YouTube creators running successful channels are already making significant revenues from advertisements, promotions, official merchandise, and paid subscriptions. However, a little more can be beneficial, especially about money here. The extra revenue generated by Super Thanks for YouTube is a great option to save cash for expanding the reach of your YouTube channel.

If your channel’s new, and you’re looking for more subscribers or views or views, and so on. You could make this extra revenue to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. This could give your YouTube videos an extra boost and help improve the quality of your content to make it more accessible to appropriate viewers. YouTube marketing solutions like SubPals provide these services, allowing users to buy YouTube likes, views, comments, and many more to make your channel’s reach faster.

Make sure you have your Super Thanks button to put the additional YouTube earnings making your channel more effective for your channel and viewers. For more information about Super Thanks or how to buy YouTube subscribers or get free YouTube views, subscribers and likes, contact SoNuker’s experts SoNuker today. They will be glad to help.

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