While searching for paraphrasing tools, you must have heard the Quillbot name numerous times.

If you are not aware of Quillbot and its features but have heard of several Quillbot reviews, then you must check out this page.

Here, we have talked a lot about Quillbot and everything related. So, you will get all the information you need to know about.

Just stay till the end of this article, and you are good to go. 

What is Quillbot?

While searching for paraphrasing tools, Quillbolt is the best one in the market.

Quillbot provides the best paraphrasing services, grammar checker services, and summarise.

There are seven modes that Quillbot provides for paraphrasing.

Since some people look for an excellent human-style paraphrasing method, Quillbot fulfils the need and does this part. 

Also, in some of the Quillbot reviews, you would know this fact because it has helped many people and made things easier.

Modes of Quillbolt Paraphrasing tool –

It has seven modes, which help people get human-based or style paraphrased content.

So, check out the list of ways given below –

●       Standard

This is the standard model that most people use. It paraphrases content in a usual way. 

●       Fluency

If you want fluent paraphrased content that does not seem to be translated, go for this one.

●       Formal

For all the official works, you need paraphrased content in formal language. If your content is in standard language, this mode will help you change nothing in the language or style, yet it would do everything you want. 

●       Simple

Do you want to put in too much effort? Then choose this mode because, as it suggests, it would paraphrase your content.

●       Creative

Who does not like creativity, right? If you want your content to appear new and in a more creative manner, then go for this mode.

●       Expand

Do you want to expand or lengthen your content? Choose this expanded mode of Quillbot which would help you do so. 

●       Shorten

Do not worry if your content is too long for your liking. The Quillbolt paraphrasing tool would still do the job you require, plus it would also shorten your content.

Check out the Quillbot pricing system –

Before trying out any tool or service, the first thought is about the price you would have to pay.

Therefore, it is time for you to know about the Quillbot pricing system.

It has two types of plans –

●       Free plan

●       Premium plan.

 In the free program, you would get three modes of access available to you – 

  1. Standard
  2. Fluency
  3. Creative 

Moreover, you would be able to paraphrase at least 400 words or characters at a time. You would also get three-word flipper options.

The limit of the summarise tool would go up to 5000; there would be only two sentences processed at once.

And, you would be given access to Google Chrome extensions and Google docs extensions.

In the premium plan of Quillbot pricing, you need to pay a 14.95 dollar amount each month.

If you want the semi-annual plan for six months, you need to pay 59.95 dollars every six months.

Now, if you want the annual plan for yourself, you need to pay $79.95 per year, which would be $6.67 each month.

If you do not like their services and want your money back, you have three days according to their three days moneyback guarantee system.

Features of Quillbot paraphrasing tool –

Since now you know everything, why not know about some more information on Quillbot.

 Before you pay for the services for more extended work, you should know some features.

So, take a look at the given features below –

●       It would save you at least 75% of your time.

●       Millions of people use this tool.

●       You can get 125 words if you have a free plan.

●       It has a grammar checker tool and summarising tool as well.

●       It has seven modes, as mentioned earlier.

●       It is super convenient and reliable.

●       It is a web-based tool that has AI.

●       It would edit your content and paraphrase it cleanly.

●       You would also get google chrome extension, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs add-ons to make things easier.

●       It provides word flipper services too.

●       You can take advantage of the Quillbot API as well.

●       There are numerous great Quillbot reviews.

●       It is the

 best paraphrasing tool.

●       Anybody can use this tool. Students, content writers, freelancers, researchers, bloggers, anyone.

Conclusion –

We have repeatedly said that Quillbolt is the best paraphrasing tool based on Quillbot reviews.

 It provides excellent services; the Quillbot pricing is fantastic and affordable too.

 So, if you have been in the dark about this tool, you are no more.

 As we have listed everything, you can check out their website.

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