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Stickman Tower Jump – Climb to the Top and Avoid Danger

Jump off the tallest buildings with Stickman in a new free skill game. This sequel to the popular Stickman Base Jumper from developers Djinnworks gives you even more parachutes, suits and jump styles to unlock across 45 boot-quaking levels.

Aim carefully to avoid obstacles, ground failures and other dangers. You can also practice ledge hops to gain extra height or skip a gap between ledges.

Climb to the Top

Stick Games Parkour 2: Lucky Block is a dizzying 2D block platformer in which players control a stickman and make him jump, flip, roll, climb or swim to reach the portal at the end of each level. The game features 80 levels with aboveground, underwater and cyberpunk environments.

When you start playing, the first few levels are relatively easy. Then the game gets more challenging. You’ll encounter enemies that are harder to outrun, including a bald guard who chases you from above, and a nurse who chases you from below. The best way to pass these areas is to grab a decoy sticker from the bald guard and slap it on the bottom guard.

As you continue climbing the robot, you’ll run into a paper wall with flapping corners that can reveal things behind it. For example, it can reveal the boombox of the receptionist you should read mind and slap the sticker on. It can also reveal Dr. Krank, whose mind you should read and grab the boombox sticker from.

Avoid Danger

You will encounter some dangerous places on your way up the tower, and falling from any of them will be a quick death. There are several ways to avoid these dangers, however. You can transfer from the side of a wall to the underside, which will give you a little extra height and allow you to navigate whirling blades more easily. You can also blow up beehives to find golden berries (which are good for extra height and item jumping), though doing so will release a swarm of angry bees that will chase you presistently, making them a dangerous item to use unless the situation calls for it.

In one area, you will be able to get an achievement for reading enemies’ minds without alerting them to your presence. To do so, lure the guard to the right by putting a decoy sticker on him, then run up to the pushpin before the enemy can catch you.

Use Power Ups

Stickman Tower Jump offers multiple power ups to help players overcome challenging obstacles. These power ups can increase a player’s speed, jumping height, and other abilities. Using these power ups wisely can allow a player to complete levels more quickly and score higher scores.

Players can also improve their parkour skills by practicing individual techniques like wall runs and flips. They can also try to understand the layouts of each level and identify shortcuts and alternate routes to more efficiently navigate through challenges.

Moreover, the game features online leaderboards and achievements, which can motivate players to compete with their friends and challenge themselves to better their performances. Ultimately, the key to success in Stickman Tower Jump is to stay focused, have fun, and never give up! The more a player practices, the better they will become. The more they improve, the greater their chances of overcoming every obstacle. Then, they can unlock new powers and explore a whole new world.

Don’t Fall

The sky is the limit in this thrilling, free-to-play falling game. Acrophobes beware – controlling your suicidal stickman with precision is essential for surviving this bone-crunching challenge!

Keep your eyes peeled for ledges that you can jump on and from. For example, the roof of a car or bus is a great spot to land on if you’re running low on stamina and need to get down fast. Mattresses are also a good option, providing a soft landing for your clumsy stickman.

If you encounter lethal spikes, try to jump on top of them rather than directly below. One block’s worth of height can impale your poor little stickman, so if you can get atop them, go for it! You can also re-attach to walls if you fall off, but do so quickly or risk losing your grip and plummeting to your death. This trick requires practice, but it can save your clumsy little life many times over!

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