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Vastu Tips to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

We all wish for happiness and harmony in our homes. Being positive and praying is essential, but have you ever considered what more can be done to maintain consistency and attract peace, harmony, and positivity? Vastushastra, an ancient Indian architectural practice, holds the key. Even today, its principles remain relevant and effective. Vastu science revolves around balancing the energies of the five elements and various sources of energy, including geological, solar, and celestial, to bring success and peace to you and your loved ones.

If you’re looking to bring positive changes into your home, consider consulting with an online Vastu consultant to receive personalized guidance and solutions tailored to your needs

Simple Vastu Tips to Eliminate Vastu Doshas and Transform Your Space into a Magnet for Positivity:

  • Declutter and organize storage areas
  • Check and clear the North East corner
  • Check and clear the South East corner
  • Use sea salt to mop the floor: Sea salt is known for its effectiveness in removing negative or stagnant energy. Placing sea salt in dull corners or adding it to the water used for mopping the floor can absorb negativity.
  • Repair or sell old electronics
  • Burn incense sticks
  • Play chanting mantras
  • Remove negative images or objects
  • Repair old watches and ensure they display the correct time
  • Use colors according to Vastu principles
  • Remove broken objects
  • Add fresh flowers and plants

North East:

The North East direction is crucial in Vastu, symbolizing divine blessings. It’s advisable to place a temple in this direction to invite positivity. Avoid placing dustbins or toilets here, and ensure the area is well-lit and clean.


The East direction governs growth in all aspects of life and connects us to the world. Consider having a lawn or lush green plants in this direction, as shades of green promote good social connections. A main entrance between the East and North directions is considered auspicious.

South East:

Representing the fire element, the South East direction influences cash flow and auspicious events. It’s recommended to have the kitchen gas stove or heating equipment in this direction to balance it. Avoid placing water-related items or toilets here to prevent financial losses.


The South direction brings name, fame, and a relaxed state of mind. It’s ideal for bedrooms and meditation. Even the kitchen can be placed here. A main entrance between the South and South-East directions promotes prosperity.

South West:

The South West direction governs personal relationships. Avoid placing kitchens or toilets here to prevent challenges in relationships. Instead, consider placing family pictures here to strengthen bonds. Avoid a main entrance between the South and South-West directions to avoid increased expenditures.


The West direction is beneficial for bedrooms and businesses, promoting prosperity and financial gains. Consider placing a safe or locker here, and avoid using red or green colors, as they may cause financial troubles.

North West:

The North West direction is significant for legal matters, finances, and support systems. It’s suitable for bedrooms, especially for those involved in banking or legal businesses. Avoid placing toilets here to prevent legal troubles.


The North direction is associated with incoming money and growth opportunities. Consider having a water body or plants here to attract more opportunities. It’s also suitable for bedrooms and placing lockers or safes. Avoid using shades of red, as they may hamper incoming money.

This is just a brief overview of Vastu principles. For precise guidance and solutions, consult with a Vastu expert to ensure optimal results without the need for demolition or reconstruction.

Vastu takes into account various factors such as geometrical coordinates, layout, surroundings, earth energies, and spatial directions to create an environment of abundance and harmony in your home. Following Vastu principles sets the stage for success and prosperity, ensuring that negative energies are eliminated. With a few simple arrangements and alignments under the guidance of a learned Vastu expert, your home can truly become a sanctuary of positivity and well-being.


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