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Cloakroom Vanity Unit – Are they worth the hype?

The cloakroom basin vanity units are basically a combination of two fixtures. These include a storage furniture unit and a sink. By combining these two important fixtures, we can get benefit from the ultimate space-saving that is a much-needed feature for the bathrooms with limited spaces.

Everyone wants their bathroom to look like royalty. A well-kept bathroom creates a sense of peace whenever you enter it. Bathrooms tell a lot about a person, and your bathroom interior indirectly speaks about your personality. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom is small or big; you just have to keep it designed enough so you can comfortably use it.

There are many bathroom furniture being introduced nowadays. The race to get the most fashionable and classy things for your bathroom is increasing day by day. Now, it has become a matter of aesthetics. It’s about how a certain bathroom aesthetic is better than the other. In this situation, we’re going to introduce chic-looking bathroom furniture, which you should get for your bathroom to add to its charms. Yes, we’re talking about a cloakroom vanity unit that is the talk of the town nowadays.

Let’s get into its details and find out why it might be a viable option for you.

What is a Cloakroom Vanity Unit?

It is simply a bathroom furniture unit that has a sink on its top. So, it has multiple functions. You will find the following characteristics with these storage units

  • The first is that it provides ample storage capacity for the bathroom essentials.
  • The second is that it has the worktop sink on its top. These sinks can be fitted or non-fitted types and are available in various shapes.
  • Another important feature is that all the pipework and plumbing are concealed within the vanity unit.  So, you get a completely clean and neat look as per your requirements.

The major purpose of having these units is that you can combine two utilities that can have a great benefit for small spaces like vanity units.

As we know, a cloakroom is a small bathroom with only essential items. But if you want to glam it up a bit and want to keep your toiletries someplace, a cloakroom basin vanity unit is the best choice for you.

Why Should You Get a Cloakroom Vanity Unit?

The question should be why not. You should get a Cloakroom Vanity Unit for your cloakroom if it’s necessary and you have enough space in your bathroom. The size of this vanity is also precise, and it doesn’t take up much space. Also, it automatically generates a decent look.

That being said, let’s discuss its features. The major reason for having it is its unique features. You can fit it inside the cloakroom. Where most people think they can not adjust any bathroom furniture. Whether it’s wall hung vanity unit or a freestanding one, you can expect ample storage capacity along with great looks. In addition to that, it offers ultimate space saving because, with it, you have a worktop sink. That means you don’t need a separate sink. It saves you both space and money at the same time.

Prominent Features of Cloakroom Vanity Units

There are the following features of these furniture units

Attractive Design

We can never stop talking about the attractive design of the Cloakroom Vanity Unit. The modern and decent features of this vanity stand among the others, and people usually love the style of it. It’s safe to say that bathroom furniture is one of the most stylish bathroom furniture being made nowadays. The contemporary look is all about minimalist design. That means fixtures that have minimum impact on the bathroom space are the ones that you should choose for the modern bathroom. That is what it provides.

Manageable Size

The cute size of the vanity unit is an eye-catcher. The way it perfectly fits in a cloakroom or suite is the reason for its purchase. Also, the basin at the top of it is also the best deal. There are various sizes available, including styles. So, whether you want to fit these units in the corner or any other space, it will provide you with the perfect size that fits into your bathroom as per your requirements.

Reasonable Price

The price of the cloakroom furniture unit is also a favourite among many people.  The material used in this vanity is fine, but the price range is quite reasonable and affordable.

Easy Installation

Cloakroom basin vanity units are made for easy installation and repair. Due to its size, it is easy to install in a bathroom, and if it becomes damaged somehow, the repair is quite easy too.

Want To Add a Cloakroom Basin Vanity Unit?

In this article, we have a discussion about the cloakroom basin vanity unit. It is a type of furniture unit that is great for small bathrooms. With the integration of sink with storage, you can get the maximum benefits, including a space-saving and stylish look. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of fittings an fixtures available at lower prices.

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