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How to Get more google business reviews

Consumers rarely buy a product or use a service without doing their due diligence and checking what others are saying about it. Google offers a review service as part of the Google My Business (GMB) knowledge panel. If you’ve already set up Google My Business, this will likely play a big factor in your search visibility results, especially if you’re a local business. Below I’ll explain what you should do and what not to do to get great new reviews on Google.

Trust is an important factor in whether a customer decides to leave a review. If your profile is unverified and incomplete, many people will assume that your business is not involved. Fortunately, verification is quick and easy and allows any business to gain authenticity. Be sure to fill out your profile thoroughly, including business information, hours, product listings, images, and more.

Respond to reviews and Promote your positive reviews :

The main reason for claiming a Google My Business listing is to respond to reviews. Because many businesses neglect this important step in the process, it discourages customers from providing feedback. Simply adding a short answer shows customers that you value their opinions and are actively listening. Quick responses to negative reviews also increase the chances of a positive resolution of the issue. Reputation Sensei aggregates reviews from GMB and over 140 other platforms, allowing businesses to respond instantly.

A huge amount of positive sentiment towards a business goes to waste when not harnessed. Have you considered that a positive interaction or story about your brand could be used as a promotional tool? Turning a positive review into a marketing asset for your website and social media will increase trust while encouraging others to add a response to your Google My Business profile.

What are the benefits of getting more Google business reviews :

Word of mouth is important and according to Invesp, “90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business” and “88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” It goes without saying that getting people talking about your service or product is vital.

Take a young aspiring soccer player as an example. Their brand Recensioni Positive Esempi is the style of football they play, the team they represent, and what the future may hold for them. But if no one knows who he is, the chances of him becoming a professional footballer disappear. To succeed, scouts need to know about them, watch them play and tell the world about an exciting new football prospect. The same can be said for your business… if no one has heard of it, no one will talk about it in a positive light, reducing the chances of success.

Simply put, having lots of great reviews makes Google My Business profiles look great and increases the likelihood of a click-through to your website. Take the British Museum, for example, the number of positive Google reviews on this profile suggests to me that it is an amazing museum to visit

Ask customers for reviews and explain the process :

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – and that’s especially true for businesses where people forget about reviews. While many people go online to share their experiences with restaurants and hotels, few jump straight to the keyboard to review a new plumber or locksmith.

Let customers know you’re interested in more Google My Business reviews by mentioning it at the end of your service, asking on a follow-up phone call, or dropping a card in the door.

Next, explain the procedure clearly to them. Remember that many people, especially older customers, have never left an online review before.

They will need to sign in to their Google Account, search for your business, and then click the “Write a Review” button. If people can’t find your business through Google, make it easy for them by sharing a direct link.

Asking politely and making the process as easy as possible will increase your chances of getting reviews.

What to do about bad reviews :

Remember to regularly monitor your Google My Business profile Recensioni Positive Esempi and respond to any reviews you receive, especially the bad ones, if possible. If a bad review remains on your profile, you will need to take action. Sitting on it and hoping it goes away is a terrible idea while taking the opportunity to openly and directly respond to a bad review shows that you are listening and that you care about your customer’s experience with your company.

Ignoring bad reviews shows that you’re either unprofessional, afraid of the consequences, or just don’t care enough to care about your customers’ bad experiences. Google has even provided guidelines for responding to negative reviews that are definitely worth reading.

Conclusion :

Good reviews will improve your local search ranking, give new customers a positive impression of your business and help increase sales. Not having any reviews can mean you lose out to your competition, or worse, won’t show up in search results at all.

Take the time to encourage customers to leave reviews and you’ll soon see the benefits.

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