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Importance of smoke detectors

When it comes to fire every single second matter since it can make the difference between life and death. A smoke detector is a device that can detect smoke, heat, or fire and once it is detected it will give you an alert signal by giving a loud alarm noise. Thus if a smoke detector is properly installed and if it is functioning properly then it can certainly save your life from the deadly fire. Since this device can warn you before you smell smoke you get enough time to get to safety. Smoke detectors are mainly of two types – photoelectric sensors and ionization. Both these types of smoke detectors can protect your family from fire 24 hours a day.

How the smoke detector can protect you from fire?

The smoke detector can protect you from the danger of fire in the following way:

  • It stand as a guard around the clock: Once you install the smoke detector at your home or office it will watch you 24 x 7 even when you are sleeping or at work or have gone anywhere on holidays. When you install the smoke detectors at a proper place they can cover your whole home and can protect your property or belongings. Since this device can alert you by giving a loud alarm noise it can save your home even when you are not at your home by alerting your neighbor. Thus, you can never provide full protection to your home and business without any kind of best smoke detectors.
  • It can protect your family: When you will install the smoke detector properly at your home it will help you to prevent any kind of property damage as well as loss of life that may have caused due to fire. But before you install it, you must make up your mind about where to install the device. You can install it either on the wall or on the ceiling. Moreover, you should also keep the smoke detector in such a place where you can easily access the device so that it can be easier for maintenance.
  • It is an early fire detection system: This kind of device provides an early signal of the presence of smoke which can help in preventing the fire from spreading. Again you must know the thing that you have to do when there is a fire alarm. You must also teach your children and other family members about this and this will protect your family from the danger of fire. When people do not take the smoke seriously it causes bigger damage. But if you take protection at the initial stage then you will be able to prevent your property and belongings from the deadly fire.

Things  to remember while using the smoke detectors

There are various thing that you must remember while using the smoke detectors and some of the most essential ones are listed as follows:

  • A smoke detector can only give you an advance warning and can show you that there are some potential problems. But if you do not take it seriously then it can cause huge destruction leading to the damage of property and even the loss of life. Usually, in most cases, it is seen that people get a few valuable seconds to escape even after getting the fire alarm.
  • If you are using a wireless smoke detector make sure that the batteries are working well. If you do not change your batteries from time to time then the smoke detector will not be able to detect the fire and even if you have the smoke detecting device fire can cause huge destruction.
  • You must also replace the smoke detectors after every 10 years as it has longevity for 10 years. Hence, you must not think that installing the smoke detector once will save you from the fire for a lifetime.    
  • It is also important to clean and maintain the smoke detector. Dust and contamination can reduce the effectiveness of smoke detectors. This device starts to malfunction when it is exposed to dust, insects, airborne contaminants, or corrosion. That is the reason why it is always advisable to use a soft brush and clean around the vent and sensors at least once or twice a year.


Thus, it is very essential to have a smoke detector at every house or office. Smoke detectors are reasonably priced and every people can avail of this device and can keep their family safe. The good thing is that it can be found at most hardware and departmental store. But even if you have the smoke detector you must not forget that it should be maintained properly. You can also have a smoke detector at different parts of the home or office as it can detect the fire more easily.    

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