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Top 7 Social Monitoring Tools to Save Cost and Time


Social media monitoring tools help track every account, hashtag, conversation, and keyword related to the brand. Hence, cost and time-saving.

What is Social Monitoring?

It determines and identifies social media information relevant to a brand, product, or individual. Suppose you want to know about relevant hashtags, competitors’ mentions, brand mentions, and trends related to your brand. It helps track key social measures like voice social share and brand awareness. This information is used to measure ROI and test messaging.

Since it’s about collecting and gathering information and data, you can know all people post about your brand. Therefore, you can measure what is already achieved and record how you are doing in your brands’ social space.

7 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring can be done manually, checking each social media platform for hashtags, keywords, and mentions. However, it is time-consuming, and there will be a need to create a reporting dashboard that collects and shares your research. Fortunately, we can avoid that since many monitoring tools can help you identify important information and keep track of more data. Below are the best social media monitoring tools for any brand .

1. NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) that finds online conversations related to your brand. One can also access social media posts to check past conversations and issues you might have missed.

2. Google Alerts

Google alerts help monitor the web for brand mentions, competitors’ mentions, and topics related to your brand. Once Google gets results related to your alert basis, you will receive an email notification. One can also set alerts for particular languages and regions.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite dashboard’s search streams help monitor topics concerning your industry, your business, and your products. One can monitor peoples’ posts based on hashtags, keywords, locations, and also particular users. Once social monitoring streams have been set up, you can share them with your team so that everyone can access the same information. If there is a post that requires feedback, it can be assigned to an appropriate team member.

4. Talkwalker

Talkwalker monitors conversations from over 150 million data sources, using over 50 filters. One can easily analyze brand sentiments, reach, comments and engagement.

5. Hootsuite Insights Powered by Brandwatch

Hootsuite insights give data from 1.3 trillion social media posts. It saves Boolean strings and keywords to get patterns and trends one may miss with social monitoring. It also filters your searches for particulars like geographics, dates, and demographics. Hence, it is easy to attain in-depth insights on brand sentiments worldwide.

6. Reputology

Reputology helps in checking and monitoring review sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. One can track activities in multiple locations and storefronts while giving quick links as feedback.

7. Reddit Search

With 14 million monthly views and 330 million active monthly users, Reddit can be the last social site to ignore. Reddit Keyword Monitor allows one to monitor top pages on the internet and relevant phrases and keywords. It will be easy to know who posts about your business, brands, or competitors.

How to Initiate Social Media Monitoring

Firstly, monitor small topics that link directly to your brand. The list of keywords you monitor is likely to evolve and grow over time. Some of the topics include brand name and handles, product name, slogans, branded and unbranded hashtags, and industry hashtags. However, one should monitor for common abbreviations and misspellings of the above topics.

Secondly, set up your tracking streams for topics you want to be monitored using the social media monitoring tools you have chosen.

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