The best router will allow you to surf the internet seamlessly, stream videos and browse the web without interruptions. You can access all the wireless connectivity. How do you pick the best?

We’ve got your back. We have provided the following tutorial with the list of top Wi-Fi routers that you can choose from. As a tip, you can use spectrum internet service with this top 3 wifi router for shameless experience while surfing the internet.

  1. Netgear r6700-100NAS nighthawk ac1750 smart dual band wifi router :

Netgear r6700 router provide a internet speed of 1300 mbps. Netgear r6700 has a dual core processor and it is very much helpful to every home and it can connect upto more than 12 devices.

Netgear has been a computer global network company which has been specialised in designing routers. Netgear r6700 has also been provides a advanced lag-free gaming syestem which is very helpful to the users who have passion of playing games.

Netgear r6700 has been allowing 100 % efficiency work speed for mobile phones but netgear r6700 did’t have the same for pc because it provides the information for the pc at the rate of 1750 mbps. Netgear has been some addative features like it can command and control the whole house from the voice command which has been a great feature of netgear routers.

The netgear r6700 router have been provide the following package like

  • Ac1750 smart wi-fi router
  • 3 detachable antennas
  • Installation guide
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable

Google wifi router onhub ac1900 :

Google wifi router is also been the greatest wifi router in the wifi router industry. It has unique name and tag which can differ the other routers from the google router. It is also been just like a normal wifi routers but it has a tag name and brand value which differ this router from other router. Meanwhile google wifi router is the best router in the  wifi industry until today.

The google router provides a dual wifi band which ranges from 2.4 ghz to 5 ghz and can support the standard of 802.11AC. Meanwhile this router has 13 antennas in its system and can provide very high internet speed. It can connect upto from 100 of mobile phones to 100 of pcs. Google wifi routers has been specifically designed very small in size as compared to the other wifi routers in the industry today.it is full sufficient for the construction homes of atleast 2500 square feet. It has a very special addative feature which doesn’t get in any other different wifi router that is it can be suited for any environment and any climatic  condition.

Google wifi routers has also been a addative feature  like it can easily install upto any place using google maps location and it is very easy to operate and handle google wifi routers.google maps provides a very suitable and simple process for installation of google router. It can control the network from smartphone.

Meanwhile google wifi router has been the greatest record of performing. The cons of this google wifi router is cheapest place to live in California that it provies a data speed limited to the devices if we connect it to more than 5 devices. It has also a cons that when you have to connect to wifi connection you have always been login to google accounts.

Speedefy ac2100 smart wifi router :

Speedefy ac2100 smart wifi router is the best router for small children which we can control at our own and we can always take check on privacy and internet adultery access.this router gives you the chance that we can limit to our kids internet access.

Smart wifi router can give you a maximun speed of 2100M. It can give very much high internet speed. At the 5 ghz frequency level we will get the internet speed of upto 1733 mbps and at the 2.4GHZ level we will get the internet speed of upto 300 mbps. On the other hand smart wifi router has a dual core cpu which help in reduce buffering so which is very much helpful in playing games, streaming high defination video and many more.

The smart wifi router has comes with 7 6DBI external antennas. It has a very new technology of 4*4 mu-mimo which we will get the satble internet connection. The smart wifi router gives you the very strong signal strenth upto every part of your homes which includes deepest corner in our homes. It has a very unique option as compared to security. It provides wpa2 protocols which can prevent and protect our internet connection system from other malware viruses and hackers. It can automatically detect virus and risks and can be assured that our data has been safe and secure.

This wifi router is very easy to insatll as compare to other wifi routers we can easily install this wifi router in our home at 5 only 5 minutes duration. Rather than that this router has also a app and web interface which can change the setting according to ones own preference. There is also one addative feature like it has parental control and with the help of the parental control one can assure that their children won’t misuse the internet. It has been some very much addative feauteres like if someone logins in guest mode then our data won’t be able to visible to that person who has been login in guest mode .

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