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How Does Drug Testing Benefit Employees?

Among the benefits of drug testing employees are creating a safer work environment, protecting customers from harm, and reducing employer liability. The pros of drug testing for employees and employers are listed below.

1. Ensures employee safety

Although there are dozens of causes of workplace incidents, the use of drugs and alcohol by employees can lead to some pretty serious ones. Using employee drug testing can help identify potential safety concerns during both the pre-employment and ongoing working phases of employment for managers of positions that are considered “safety-sensitive,” such as those within the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Employers can identify high-risk applicants who may abuse drugs and alcohol at work by conducting pre-employment drug tests. The same is true for workplace drug testing practices, which can assist in monitoring and maintaining workplace safety. Workplace testing can reduce the risk of serious injury or death among employees who operate heavy machinery or operate company vehicles.

2. Keeps customers safe

The use of workplace drug testing can enhance the safety of your customers just as it does for your employees. The trade and transport sectors rely heavily on workers to operate large machinery and tools safely around customers.

A workplace that fails to conduct either random or pre-employment drug tests is at greater risk of workplace substance abuse, which increases the chances of a customer-related incident. It is also possible that businesses may face some costly legal repercussions if a customer-related incident occurs.

3. Reduces employer liability and costs

Employers benefit from workplace drug testing by reducing their liability and associated costs when an employee or customer is involved. An employer could face very serious legal consequences if a worker’s drug-induced negligence leads to injuries to an employee or customer.

If a business fails to demonstrate the use of employee drug testing regulations for safety-sensitive positions, it may be subject to thousands of dollars in legal fees. In addition, if an employee injures another employee due to drug-induced workplace negligence, workers’ compensation coverage costs and a potential workplace lawsuit may apply.

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